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When you invest your capital is at risk.

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When you invest your capital is at risk.

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  • Not confident enough? Don't worry - our tools will guide you through your journey.
  • We've taken all the complexity away, so you can focus on what matters to you.


  • Unlimited, commission-free investing .
  • Buy as little as £1 of your favourite stocks or ETFs with Wealthyhood fractional shares.
  • Invest what you can afford with ease and make sure you're always well-diversified.

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  • Just decide how much and how often.
  • Our powerful automation helps finetune and maintain your portfolio over the long term.
  • Schedule monthly top-ups, dynamically rebalance and auto-invest your spare cash.

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Made for beginners

Simple investing for everyone, with no jargon, and tools to guide you at every step.

Built for the long term

Forget day-trading. Wealth-building is a marathon. We help you run that race!


Develop, finetune and automatically maintain a top-class portfolio.


You're special. Invest in what matters to you and achieve your own goals.


Every £ saved compounds in your portfolio. Calculate how much you save on fees.

When you invest your capital is at risk.


No, your free ETF share will be randomly selected from a pool of ETFs within our investment universe and be assigned a value between £5 and £200.

Your free ETF share may range anywhere from a minimum of £5 to a maximum of £200. The probability is weighted, though, so higher values are less likely to get.

You can't sell your free ETF share for 90 days commencing on the date the ETF settles in your account. This is not to force you to use Wealthyhood; we just want to give you an incentive to try it out, hopefully, enjoy the investing experience and stick around.

So, buy (for free) and hold. 😀

It may take up to 10 days for your free share to appear on your account. However, 95% of the rewards are processed within 3-4 days.

If you have been waiting more than 10 days for your free ETF share to arrive, send us an email at

If you’ve signed up to Wealthyhood through a free ETF offer link, you need to top up your account within 7 days to get your free ETF share.

Wealthyhood is the first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors. We guide long-term investors to build their wealth over time by intelligently investing their money the way they want, with fewer fees.

Wealthyhood provides the perfect mix of personalisation and automation so that even beginner investors can navigate the stock markets and put their money to work for them, like the top-1%.

Simply put, trading apps came to democratise investing. We're now rationalising it.

Wealthyhood can give you everything you need to build wealth for the long term. Here's how Wealthyhood works.

  • Build your portfolio. When you first join Wealthyhood, you get to create your personalised portfolio. Pick your asset classes, geography, themes and risk and make your first long-term portfolio.
  • Customise. Use Wealthyhood's guidance and real-time insights to further customise your portfolio. Add or remove stocks and ETFs, and set your target allocation.
  • Top-up & invest your way. Get started with as little as £10 and get your portfolio working for you. Buy stocks and ETFs with Wealthyhood fractional shares. Invest what you can afford with no commissions.
  • Automate. Schedule monthly top-ups, dynamically rebalance and auto-invest your spare cash. Just sit back, relax and watch your money grow.

Wealthyhood is built for long-term investors, not day-traders, so all of our market transactions execute during a 3 pm trading window each weekday.

You can start investing with as little as £10.

Wealthyhood offers a range of the most popular passive ETFs. You can invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate from all around the world. Wealthyhood also offers a wide range of sector tracking and thematic ETFs, including Biotechnology, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation, Clean Energy, Video Gaming and many more.

We currently offer UK GIA and ISA accounts and work hard to add more options in the coming months.

Unlike other brokers, Wealthyhood charges no trading commissions to execute your investments.

Wealthyhood offers three easy plans for long-term investing, starting at just £1/month.

Wealthyhood Beginner costs £1 / month. It is great to get started and set up your personal investment account. It includes unlimited, commission-free ETF investing, portfolio automation, real-time guidance and insights and over 1 million personalised portfolio templates.

Wealthyhood ISA costs £3 / month. It includes everything in Wealthyhood Beginner, plus a Wealthyhood Stocks & Shares ISA (Individual Savings Account) to save and invest tax-free.

Wealthyhood Pro costs £7 / month. It is best for savvy wealth-builders to supercharge their investing. It includes everything in Wealthyhood Beginner & ISA, plus access to individual stocks and premium tools, analytics and insights. Coming soon.

Compare our plans.

Is Wealthyhood legit? Yes. From your cash to your investments, we follow rigorous processes and policies to ensure the security of your money on Wealthyhood.

  • Wealthyhood uses cutting-edge security features.
  • Wealthyhood partners with top-tier financial institutions to guarantee the safeguarding and safekeeping of your assets.
  • Wealthyhood is approved by the FCA as an appointed representative of WealthKernel Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA.
  • With Wealthyhood, your money is FSCS-protected, up to £85,000. You can find out more here.

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