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Smart, Personalised, Commission-Freei. Grow your money the way you want and invest in what matters to you. Get started for free.

When you invest your capital is at risk.

We bring the best of two worlds in

DIY Wealth Management


Enjoy a friendly and personalised user experience. You are always in control over the decision-making.


Leverage our next-gen tools with insights, automated rebalancing and personalised touch for a smart investing journey.


With no trading fees or commissions, your money can grow to its full potential. See our pricing for details.


It is commission-free! We don't charge a % on your investment value, so you can grow your money to its full potential! Calculate how much you can save on fees and the compounded value over time.


Customise your portfolio for a personalised experience. Although we provide a template allocation as a starting point, you can customise your portfolio and rebalance any time.

Full Control

You have full control and transparency through your investment journey. All investment decisions are on you and we support you with all the tools you need to make the best ones.


Diversify your portfolio across Equities, Bonds, Commodities & Real Estate. It is not a bunch of randomly selected stocks.

Optimal Templates

Choose among our optimal allocation templates, with different risk-reward profiles.

Visual Tools

Access our visual tools and charts to understand how your portfolio is allocated and construct the one that best suits you.

Projection & Insights

See projections and real-time insights for the expected growth of your portfolio in better or worse market conditions.

Track & Rebalance

Get detailed tracking statistics and use our automated rebalancing tool to keep everything under your control.

When you invest your capital is at risk.

How it Works

Build a personalised portfolio

  • Decide your initial and monthly investment.
  • Select the optimal allocation template based on its risk-reward profile. Our templates consist of different asset classes, from numerous markets, jurisdictions and industries worldwide, to achieve the widest diversification.
  • Customise your portfolio as much as you want. We 'll support you through the process, with smart insights, statistics, visual tools and pie charts that give you an instant holistic view.

Track your money as it grows

  • After every change, check the expected growth and risk of your investment with our real-time projection tool.
  • When you feel ready, INVEST! You can start investing with as little as £10, so you can start small and grow along with your money.
  • Don't stop there. Track the growth of your portfolio, a breakdown of its performance and rebalance anytime.

Peace of mind with money protection

  • Your money is safe and FSCS protected.
  • Your plan is tax-efficient, with ISAs available.
  • We use only trusted providers, like Blackrock, Vanguard and HSBC.

*Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Calculate how much you save on fees

Investment fees add up and could cost you hundreds of thousands over time. In contrast to robo-advisors, Wealthyhood charges no % fees on AUM or commissions. With Wealthyhood, this extra 1% goes straight to your investment, every year. And compounds!

With Fees

You can make£99,151more, just by doing the smart pick! Will this be you?

When you invest your capital is at risk.

Grow your money to its full potential

Start building your wealth with a commission-free investment portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Wealthyhood doesn't manage your money for you. We do not make any discretionary decisions for your money. We just provide the platform, tools and setup for you to make the optimal investment decisions. And also we guide you with our optimal investment templates.

You can start investing with as little as £10.

Yes, our templates are just there for your guidance. You can make any changes you want, remove or add asset classes, change their weighting or the exposure to different jurisdictions.

The optimal templates are created using Wealthyhood's algorithms, based on the selected risk-reward preferences of each user. They are just an indicative place to get started.

Wealthyhood includes a range of the most popular ETFs and investment products, giving you exposure to various asset classes, like stocks, government and corporate bonds, real estate and commodities, but also different styles and jurisdictions.

You can get your money back anytime and there is no lock-up period.

We currently offer UK ISA and GIA accounts, and we are working hard to add more options in the coming months.

Yes, your money is FSCS-protected, up to £85,000. You can find out more here

Yes, you can experiment with our templates and tools, customise the portfolio and see the projected growth, without investing. You can then come back and invest, whenever you feel comfortable.