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Stergios Stergiou

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Who is Stergios Stergiou

Stergios Stergiou (Sterg) is a financial enthusiast, young entrepreneur, and digital marketer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics but, early on, he was professionally drawn to digital marketing and online business. Throughout his career, Stergios has worked with three startup businesses, leveraging his skills and knowledge in the digital landscape.

Back in 2018, he decided to combine the two and embark on a new project that started as a blog, expanded to YouTube, and then to a weekly newsletter under the name "MarketShots".

Since then, the blog has grown to become the largest personal finance blog in Greece, with the YouTube channel being one of the most subscribed, and at the same time, over 6,000 people frequently read his newsletters.

His involvement with MoneyMinority.com as an author indicates a keen interest and expertise in finance-related topics, particularly as they intersect with ideas of rationality, freedom and philosophy. 

He aims to help readers develop a distinct perspective on money, its purpose, and how to approach it.

If you enjoy Stergios' content, you can follow him on various social media platforms and subscribe to his finance-focused YouTube channel.

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